Doki Doki Checkmate

Marcus the frightening Black Knight is send by his brother and king to kill the Prince of the nearby kingdom. As he arrived, the cute and joyful prince, while knowing fully the Knight’s intention, invites him to stay. It’s cute and it has one of the most beautiful art style

Status: Terminated? I was told it wouldn’t update anymore, and it cuts shorts, but it’s so beautiful it’s worth a shot. Plus, it’s only 50 pages.

Author(s): Doki Doki Checkmate

Other comics: none yet

In short: It’s really short, cute, the art is mind-blowing, the Dark Knight is clueless, queer, talking horse, fairy tale

Pond Scum Royalty

This one is a really promising comic! It’s still too short to have a real glimpse at the story, but it’s described as a “nostalgic slice of life psychological horror about the ecosystem of an abandoned golf course” by the author. I can’t wait for more!

Status: Ongoing (no regular updates)

Author(s): millionfish

Other comics: none yet

In short: very beautiful and intriguing art style, promising story, non-binary character :33



Gamercat loves to play video games, and so does his crew! It’s a really cute webcomic, made of short strip all refering to a video game. It’s fun to read, even more if you are a gamer!

Status: Ongoing (updates on Mondays)

Author(s): Samantha Witten

Other comics: Strays (co-owned)

In short: Fun, simple, so many nerdy references, all the characters are great


Ava’s Demon

Way into the future, when there is more than one species of sentient being, a young girl, named Ava, lives with a ghost, or so it seems, haunting her. Trapped with this obnoxious presence, she will live adventures far beyond her imagination.

Status: Ongoing (suppose to update on Mondays and Thursdays)

Author(s): Michelle Czajkowski

Other comics: none

In short: mention of attempted suicide, wonderful art, animations, seven sins, action, science-fiction, blue boy

Friendly Hostility

It’s the story of two best friends who happen to date each other. Fox and Collin have an eventful life, with many great characters and absurd events. Even though the story revolves around them, there is so much more in this comic, from life lessons, demons, pirates, character development, general greatness… plus, it’s like a series of short comics that all relate to each other!

Status: Complete

Author (s): K. Sandra Stanley

Other comics: Other people’s business

In Short: Daily life, Queer, Demons, World domination, Life lessons, Cute art

Pretty Mouth

Evan has a little problem. His date happens to be a monster, and he himself is the shelter of two mouths that don’t belong to him. Pretty Mouth is a very dark and intriguing story, inspired by Lovecraft’s monsters and atmosphere.

Status: Complete

Author(s): Bones Mckay (writer), Ursula Grey (art)

Other comics: The Magpie/ Sovereign

In short: Creatures, Magic, Queer, Dark, Lovecraft, Evan is adorable, Ramona is my wife, Black and White

Prince of Cats

A boy talks to cats and that’s perfectly fine, his best friend is a Japanese farmer, and they have trouble holding all their feels. Teenage drama, mixed with adorable characters and a little touch of supernatural. Seriously, no one is wondering why cats talks to him??

Status: Complete

Author(s): Kori Michele Handwerker

Other comics: Dovetail

In short: Cats (lots of those), Queer, trans boy (adorable ;u;), gay main characters, family issues, friendship, drama, teenagers, outstanding art (water colors at their finest)

Tripping Over You (TOY)

Milo and Liam have some tension to sort. Will their friendship turn into more? Or is Liam’s dad going to complicate the whole ordeal?? It’s a “growing up” story paired with the two boy’s love and all it’s complication.

Status: Ongoing (updates Mondays and Fridays)

Author(s): Owen White(writer) and Suzana Harcum(art)

Other comics: none

in short: real life issues, young adults leaving their home :0, queer (as in gaay), funny and still somewhat light



Always raining here

Carter is a horny gay teenager, and his best idea is asking this good looking gay schoolmate to sleep with him in the middle of a bookshop. Not the best idea. Adrian has to put up with this douchy, horny creep, until both realized they have been doing it wrong. Carter is not that bad, and Adrian not that perfect.

Status: Complete

Author(s): Bell (writer), Hazel (art)

Other comics: none heard of

In short: cute teenagers, unrequited love stories, feelings are complicated, non-explicit sex, queer, cute art (and it gets better with time!)


Deacon is an artificial being, made to kill and obey. But something went wrong in the last mission, and his reputation of a perfect soldier is stained. As he goes through a psychological evaluation, the story and all its complexities unfold.

Status: Complete

Author(s): Alex Woolfson (writer), Winona Nelson (art)

Other comics: The Young Protectors

In short: Science fiction, Robots, Queer (MxM), Action!, great ending, amazing art

Go Get A Roomie

Roomie sleeps around… a lot. So much in fact, that she doesn’t even need a house, as she is everyone’s roomie. But after one drunken night, she knocks at the wrong door. What was to follow was unexpected for many, as they went trough a journey for change and growth. Don’t let this fool you, it’s still a light and feel-good comic. The characters are so diverse, and the views so refreshing, it’s hard to stop once you get going.

Status: Ongoing (updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)

Author(s): Chloé

Other comics: none I found ?

In short: NSFW ish, boobs, butts too, diversity in all its forms, Watch is my hero, queer in all its glory, hippie-ish roomie, asexual? Lillian


Cassandra has been home schooled all her life, until she receives a scholarship to a rich kid school. She make quickly friends with Sam, and meets her sister Deanna… and her punk girlfriend Benny. She’s in for a wild ride.

Status: Ongoing (updates Mondays and Thursdays)

Author(s): Kiki Jenkins

Other comics: none yet

In short: queer (punk lesbians being fabulous), graphic violence, suspense :0, great art, thriller?, mild sexual content, bratty rich kids

NSFW (18+)

Ace of Beasts

Three monster-men on a homoerotic journey to kill the mage who cursed them. Includes a lot of dicks, muscles, monsters, jizz of all kind, all balanced by the adorable characters, the mind-blowing colors, the great art style, and the creativity behind every sex scene. A must read if you want a really porny RPG-like story with sooo many creatures, consensual sex between undetermined number of creatures.

Status: Volume 1 Complete, more on Patreon (sadly, no money to give ;-;)

Author(s): Aero Zero

Other comics: Men + Monsters

In short: Gay explicit sex, furry (I guess?? Non-human sex anyway), VERY nsfw, the art is orgasmic, good story, characters with disabilities, centaurs, dragon, djinns, birdmen, so many creatures in general, cute dorks, amazing fighting, RPG style, Lily ❤

P.S. Read the comments! The author adds tiny drawings of the characters doing stuff out of character, and it’s hilarious.


The very absurd and short adventures of a one night stand that turns into a race against the clock to find a ring-stoler bird. One albino, one French Canadian, so many more great characters. Aw yis.

Status: Complete

Author(s): Alice Fox

Other comics: none?

In short: Safe gay sex, French talking guy, Queer (MxM), NSFW, drugs, alcohol, albinism, Malik and BJ are great, talking to birds


This one is a gem. Anais live in Boring World, aka, ours. As she lives an ordinary, boring life, a fantastical, lesbian, candy alien princess falls in her arms. Her life become a very sweet, perilous, sexual adventure. If you ever wanted something that qualifies as a erotic comic, with diversity, body types and people truly enjoying themselves, no matter their gender or species, all in a great and appealing art style, this is for you.

Status: Ongoing (updates on Saturdays)

Author(s):Sylvan Migdal

Other comics: The adventures of Athena Wheatley, Rho, Where the Typos Og, Spork, Ascent, Mnemesis

In short: fantastical sex, so NSFW, queer (like, everything’s there), Jonathan the trans merman, candy world, super world, adventures, action, candy cane tentacle maid, this one is a keeper

Exorcism Academy

Exorcist fights against all kind of demons, helped by enslaved demons at their side. Ethan ends up paired with a class-B demon, stronger than any, and way too much into the exorcist for the latter’s taste. Action packed story, with such wondrous anatomy, adorable couples, sex in the wilderness and wet dreams.

Status: Ongoing (update every saturday or so)

Author(s): Asmo

Other comics: Such Sweet Fortune

In short: open relationship, demons, queer (MxM mainly), action, fighting, bit of blood, awesome art style, abuse (Adam is such a prick), wet dreams, Malki is cute


Drama in an ancient teahouse, now converted into a brothel. Forbidden love, twisted love, asshole moves, it’s all in there.

Status: Terminated (completed in the comments with synopsis)

Author(s): Emirain- Emi for E (art) and Rain for CC. (writer and colors)

Other comics: Soon… one day

In short: Brothel, Drama, Flahbacks, the art ;u;, Queer (of all type, mainly MxM), NSFW,  So many characters to get attached to, Axis ❤

The less than epic adventures of Tj and Amal

Two strangers on a road trip, running away from responsibilities, and it is great! It’s a journey for the both of them, discovering their feelings and each other. It’s a roller coaster of feels for the readers and may be a journey in one of the best webcomics I’ve read.

Status: Complete

Author(s): E.K Weaver

Other comics: none I could find… yet

In short: Road trip, Queer (MxM), Journey, NSFW, family issues, life issues in general, feeeels, realistic gay sex, atypical characters, great art style




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